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Frequently Asked Questions



How to keep treats fresh?

All of our treats at The Pup Shop (pup treats, cakes, etc.) must be refrigerated as soon as possible. 

How early do I need to place an order?

Please place orders 48 hours prior to the day you would like your order.

How long do treats last?

Treats are good for up to 2 weeks! Your pups might finish them before 2 weeks are up- keep us on speed dial!

Do we ship out of California?

As of now, we only ship out Pup treats out of state. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship out our Barkday cakes :(

How can you keep up with The Pup Shop?

Make sure to follow us on Instagram: @the.pup.shop_ Facebook: The Pup Shop

Will my dog become addicted to The Pup Shop?

There's a 99.9% chance your dog will not be able to keep their paws off our treats! Lol

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